10 Things wins Best General TV Programme at SCI:DOC 2016!

Awards Night
Series Producer Nuala Cunningham collects the award on behalf of the production team at the Pavilion of Knowledge, Centro Ciência Viva, Lisbon

We’re delighted to announce that “10 Things to Know About… Bodytech” won the award for Best General TV Programme as part of the The 2016 European Science TV and New Media Festival in Lisbon, Portugal on Sunday 4th December 2016!

The award highlighted in particular the issue of “mending a broken heart” which featured the work of Dr Garry Duffy from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) who is leading an EU research project to help regenerate damaged heart cells after a heart attack. As well as developing new materials that will boost the cells’ chances of survival, they are designing surgical devices to enable surgeons to deliver stem cells to the patient, and crucially, keep them fixed in the targeted area of a beating heart!!

Other award winners on the night included films from the BBC (including  ‘Britain’s Nuclear Secrets – Inside Sellafied; ‘The First Eight Weeks’ with Michael Mosley), from Arte in France (‘Himalayas the Abode of Snow’; ‘The Key to Consciousness – A Journey into the Stuff of Thoughts;’) from ZDF in Germany (‘The Specialists’)

SCI-DOC is the largest documentary festival in Europe, video and interactive productions directed scientific dissemination to the general public. It involves in addition to the show documentaries made for television, docudramas, general television programs dedicated to science and discussions with researchers.

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