10 Things S2 - Presenters
Kathriona Devereux, Jonathan McCrea and Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin

Revealing secrets of the earth and stars, and blurring lines between minds and machines, Irish scientists have their fingers on the pulse!

Aoibhinn, Jonathan and Kathriona are back and checking out all the latest incredible developments in Irish research. This year we will see them up in the skies and deep underground, across Ireland and Europe, investigating the projects that will impact on all our lives.

Highlights include: the alarming rise of Superbugs; the race to recreate the awesome power of the sun; Gene therapies that could provide the answer to some devastating conditions such as blindness; Secrets under the earth’s surface that threaten but also sustain our way of living; mind controlled technology and lifesaving drones.

Perennial favourite, Dr Fergus McAuliffe, returns with his weekly Weird Science segment showcasing some of the more bizarre aspects of current research – from hipster beards that harbour new antibiotics, to brain controlled turtles and Jurassic park-style Mammoths!

10 Things to Know About is produced by New Decade TV for RTE, funded by Teagasc, the Environmental Protection Agency, Irish Research Council and Higher Education Authority and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.


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