10 Things S2 - Presenters

This six-part award winning series returns, with Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin, Jonathan McCrea and Kathriona Devereux showcasing the Irish science behind aspects of modern life, from virtual reality to Botox and aliens to the Internet of cows.

In Staying Young we see how Irish science is trying to help us stay healthy for longer by researching children’s bones for a cure to osteoporosis, Botox to treat chronic pain and bat DNA for the secret to eternal youth. In Aliens we find out what’s being done to stop the rise of alien invasive species, from Muntjac Deer, those little Bambi’s with an ASBO, to pesky Japanese Knotweed and the notorious Asian Clam. In Beef and Beer we investigate the science behind craft beer and the perfect steak, learning how a new genetic test could predict the tenderness of the meat on your plate. In Smarter Living we see how renewable energies and smart technologies are impacting our lives, from smart homes with smarter gadgets, to electric vehicles and smart cities with smart grids and we find out how Irish engineers have developed the world’s first solution to fixing the subsea cables – which keep us all connected – under the sea. In Sports Performance we learn about scientific developments to help improve performance, prevent injury and aid recovery from our most popular sports. In Virtual Reality, we take a ride on Alton Tower’s world’s first VR rollercoaster and look at some of the many uses of VR in education, tourism and commerce as we experience virtual surgery and use VR to question the veracity of 1916’s famous Battle of Mount Street, with a separate web-exclusive, shot in 360 video.

10 Things to Know About is produced by New Decade TV for RTE, funded by Teagasc, ESB, RCSI, the Environmental Protection Agency, Irish Research Council and Higher Education Authority.