Cameras rolling on Series 9….

Teagasc Trees Tryptich

We’re excited to be back on the road filming the next series of “10 Things to Know About…”!

We’ll be featuring research on healthy ageing with topics on nutrition, improved understanding and diagnosis of delirium, and checking out the latest advances in tackling age-related macular degeneration.  We’ll meet the scientists breeding trees to create better quality timber, discuss how literature can shape our views on nature and examine whether planting trees can really help us reach carbon neutrality.

We’ll also investigate fungi, ancient forms of life in existence long before the first amphibians, reptiles or mammals roamed the planet. We reveal what they can tell us about historical climate events and our planet’s potential future due to climate change, and with mushrooms being Ireland’s most successful export crop, we meet researchers looking to develop more sustainable alternatives to growing them.

We’ll also be looking into how where you live can impact on your health, investigating the latest Irish research monitoring the Atlantic Ocean currents and potential impacts of the climate emergency on the planet, and meeting the researchers collaborating across the island of Ireland to advance immunotherapies.

Follow us on Twitter for regular filming updates and catch the new series when it broadcasts on RTE One in November 2023!

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