Episode 1 – Light

8.30pm, RTÉ One – Monday 9th November

Light - Lough Hyne Bioluminescence - Jonathan and Tom DoyleBioluminescence is nature’s chemical flashlight in the dark – illuminating lakes and oceans with a beautiful, magical glow. One of the best examples of bioluminescence in Ireland can be seen in Lough Hyne, and Jonathan takes a night trip to see how this amazing natural phenomenon creates stunning blue sparkles in the pitch-dark water!

Back on dry land, the glimmering power of light is driving important research developments in medical science. Photonics – or the science of light – is one of the key technologies of the 21st century, and Kathriona meets the Irish researchers using fluorescence in cancer diagnosis and developing infra-red light technologies to monitor the lung function of premature babies.

And in Weird Science, Fergus McAuliffe reveals how an underwater ‘dragon’ uses light to lure its prey in the deep, dark ocean…

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