Episode 2 – Ageing Well

8.30pm, RTÉ One, Monday 20th November 2023

Ep 2 Ageing Well Tryptich

We often associate old age with wrinkles, increased frailty and a giant pill box. But we need to challenge that! Growing old is a fact of life; unhealthy ageing isn’t.

In this episode, we examine how nutrition can help reduce age-related loss of muscle mass and strength, thereby reducing frailty. We’ll hear about the causes of delirium and meet the researchers who want to raise awareness of the condition within healthcare to help reduce misdiagnoses with dementia. Finally, we investigate a disease that is so prevalent you could fill Croke Park with the people in Ireland who suffer from it. Age-related Macular Degeneration, or AMD, is the leading cause of blindness in Ireland. We catch up with the researchers who are working to find the causes of this disease and hope to develop cures for it.


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