Episode 2 – Blood

8.30pm, RTÉ One – Monday 8th November

Ep 2 Blood Tryptich

Blood is a vitally important part of the body. It provides the oxygen our organs need to survive, carries platelets that clot when we cut ourselves, and prevents us from getting infections. But it is also immensely complex. In this episode, Jonathan and Kathriona meet the researchers investigating the effects of Covid-19 on our platelet’s ability to clot, discuss the impact of Long Covid, and the work being carried out to further our understanding of the condition that affects thousands of people across Ireland.

And while we use animal blood in products such as blood pudding or as a protein source in animal feed, some components of blood are still largely seen as an animal waste product, meaning millions of tons of potential by-product have to be disposed of safely every year. In part two , Aoibhinn meets the Irish scientists who are turning low value waste into a high value by-product by creating biodegradable plastics from… wait for it… pig’s blood…

And we’re delighted to finally introduce our fab new segment, “Curious Chronicles” with Fergus McAuliffe where we reveal the fascinating connection between Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the modern day blood transfusion…

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