Episode 2 – BrainTech

BrainTech - Jonathan EEG
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10 Things to Know About… BrainTech

Can our minds connect directly with computers to communicate thought and transcend human limitations? Researchers are making impressive progress toward achieving such a vision, and Jonathan meets world-renowned neurologist Adrian Owen who reveals how he’s developing brain-computer interface (BCI) technologies that enable him, incredibly, to communicate with coma patients.

BCIs really do have the potential to transform lives and Kathriona meets Padraig Schaler, survivor of a severe acquired brain injury in 2012, who is co-researcher on a project that will allow him to fly a drone with his mind

This technology is also playing a role in the creative arts, rehabilitation therapy, and improving our understanding of memory encoding and learning processes. We meet Insight’s Alan Smeaton, SMARTlab’s Pierre Jolivet, and IRC-funded Michael Broderick… and Kathriona, Jonathan and Aoibhinn don their EEG headsets to be put to the test!

And in Weird Science, Fergus reveals a project that uses BCI technology to control a turtle purely by the power of thought… (N.B no turtles are harmed in the process!!!)

Check it out on Monday 20th November, 8.30pm on RTE One

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