Episode 4 – Flooding & Drought

8.30pm, RTÉ One – Monday 30th November

Flooding - Kathriona and Ted at Coole Turlough

Groundwater lakes or turloughs – where water lies hidden within the soil and rocks underground – dominate the west of Ireland. They’re hugely important as a source of drinking water and connect into our rivers, lakes and ecosystems… but they also contribute to devastating flooding events.

In this episode, Kathriona meets the Geological Survey Ireland researchers who are using satellite technology to monitor and map Ireland’s turloughs to develop effective flood risk management systems for the future.

And what of that other hugely damaging weather extreme, drought? It may surprise you to know that Ireland is one of the European countries most at risk from drought. Aoibhinn finds out how memories of our past may provide clues to better managing future impacts of drought, and Jonathan meets the researchers investigating more resilient groundwater resources for Ireland.

Meanwhile in Weird Science, Fergus sniffs out the science behind the familiar smell of rain…


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