Episode 4 – Geohazards

8.30pm, RTÉ One, Monday 22nd November

Geohazards Tryptich

The effects of climate change can be seen around the world with increased intensity and frequency of storms causing flash floods, and extreme heat leading to terrifying wildfires.  These geological hazards can be deadly and have devastating effects on communities. Because Ireland isn’t over a fault line and we don’t suffer from wildfires, it’s easy to think geohazards don’t affect us, but our location on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean makes us vulnerable to them.

In this episode Kathriona meets leading climate expert John Sweeney to investigate the impact of climate change on increased rainfall, more frequent storms and rising sea levels.  We also meet the researchers from Geological Survey Ireland who are working to establish how vulnerable we are to future sea level rises, and helping to identify what we can do in order to adapt and protect our coastal communities and unique archeological heritage from these climate change-driven geohazards.


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