Episode 5 – Heat

8.30pm, RTÉ One, Monday 12th December 2022

Ep 5 Heat - Tryptich for Website

We’re all making concerted efforts to adopt greener lifestyles, however it can take an immediate crisis to make us aware of the vulnerability of our energy sources.  The war in Ukraine has seen fuel prices soar to unprecedented highs with warnings of rolling cuts to heat and electricity over winter.

With heat being by far the biggest energy demand (44% in 2020), in this episode, we explore research developments that will help decarbonise our heating systems.  From businesses to public buildings and private homes, we highlight how district heating systems can be combined with heat pump technology to help reduce Ireland’s reliance on fossil fuels and reduce heating costs. We also consider how the Celtic Interconnector could help us share and better manage our local energy resources with the continent.

When it comes to heating our homes with renewable energy, we’re used to looking to the sun, wind and waves… but what if the answer comes from below the ground? We meet researchers who discuss the geology behind geothermal energy, highlight projects investigating potential sources around Ireland, including a few surprising locations which have been using geothermal for decades, and discuss how heat from the Earth could form a crucial part of Ireland’s supply and demand heating network.


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