Episode 5 – Sports Performance

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Episode 5: 10 Things to Know About… Sports Performance

Broadcast: RTE One @ 8.30pm, Monday 12th December 2016

This week we look at some of the advances in science and technology which are helping us to limit, prevent or recover from injury, and improve our general performance… but also find out what can happen when we push things a little too far…

Concussion continues to be a hot topic in the sports world. Jonathan meets RCSI’s Dara Meldrum who is developing an app to rehabilitate inner-ear imbalance – a common symptom of concussion – and talks to Dublin-based Kitman Labs who are seeking to improve motion monitoring and data collection methods to further their understanding of the increased risk of lower muscle injuries after concussion.

Data is becoming more and more important to all aspects of life and none more so than for trying to maximise athletic performance. Aoibhinn meets IRC researcher Claire Brady who is conducting isometric strength testing to help coaches create bespoke strength & conditioning and rehabilitation programmes for their athletes.

Kathriona meets Ian Kenny from the University of Limerick who is using body tracking and motion detection cameras to improve the performance of a golfer’s swing to enable them to hit longer, harder, more accurately, and crucially, reduce the risk of them suffering an injury in the process.

But what happens when an athlete takes things too far? Una May is Head of Anti Doping Ethics, Sport Ireland and she discusses the continual game of cat and mouse between anti-doping enforcers and athletes.

And finally, for some really weird drug doping, Fergus takes us back to the 1904 Olympic men’s marathon in St. Louis where rat poison made the difference between winning and losing, but almost life and death…

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