Episode 6 – Gut Health

8.30pm, RTÉ One, Monday 22nd November

Gut Health Triptych

From Sunday roast dinners to Friday night takeaways, food has long been a central feature of our lives. We don’t just eat for our survival, we eat for pleasure, to celebrate weddings, deaths, birthdays, achievements. Yet we still don’t fully understand how the digestive system works, how our bodies choose which compounds to absorb and how the microbiome in the gut interacts with the brain.

In this episode, Aoibhinn meets the Teagasc researchers exploring how these complex systems work, Jonathan investigates whether it’s possible to manipulate our feelings of hunger and fullness by using gut hormones, and Kathriona heads to Westport to meet Karen O’Donoghue who is trying to manage her debilitating IBS symptoms by researching gut bacteria and baking “magic poo bread”!


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