Episode 3 – Superbugs

Superbugs - Jonathan and Fiona
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10 Things to Know About… Superbugs

Superbugs, and the rise in antimicrobial resistance, is globally recognised as one of the greatest threats to human health. Aoibhinn visits the World Health Organisation HQ in Geneva to find out more, and we meet Margaret Dawson, who understands the threat posed by superbugs all too well having lost her husband Joe to MRSA in 2016.

Jonathan talks to microbiologist Martin Cormican about the emergence and spread of superbugs and what we can do to fight back, and dons his waders to meet Fiona Walsh who is investigating how wastewater entering our waterways is contributing to the problem in the environment.

Ultimately, we need to reduce our use of antibiotics to protect their potency, and Kathriona meets Teagasc researcher Laura Boyle who is exploring ways to improve animal welfare and reduce antibiotic use on pig farms.

And could part of the answer to our search for new antibiotics lie, quite literally, under our noses? In Weird ScienceFergus investigates how hipsters (?!) could be part of the solution…

Check it out on Monday 27th November, 8.30pm on RTE One

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