Episode 1: Fear


Episode 1: 10 Things to Know About… Fear

Broadcast: Monday 09 November 2015

Duration: 23mins

Dogs… frogs… flying… balloons… our fears and phobias can be as bizarre as they are diverse! But how are our fears created in the first place? And what happens inside our brain when we feel the fear?! In this week’s show, Aoibhinn gets up close and personal with some rather large spiders to better understand and perhaps even overcome her arachnophobia, Kathriona investigates how fears can be created, and Jonathan willfully submits himself for some ‘water-boarding’ and uncovers some disturbing truths about the neuroscience of torture.

S1 Ep1 – 10 Things to Know About… Fear from New Decade TV & Film Ltd on Vimeo.

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