Filming on Series 7 is underway!

Jonathan and Andy Thorsney 1

We’re delighted to announce that Aoibhinn, Kathriona and Jonathan are back on the road filming series 7 of “10 Things to Know About…“!

With over 1,450km of rocky shoreline, Ireland’s coast is surrounded by hundreds of species of Seaweed. We find out how research into monitoring and preserving the health and biodiversity of our beautiful seaweed forests could help align with this potential game changer for the farming industry.

We also explore the latest developments in Gut Health, examining how our complex digestive system works, and meeting the people who are managing a debilitating illness by keeping their gut happy through diet.

As we begin to emerge from the Covid-19 global health crisis and surreal sense of self-isolation of the last 18 months, we’ll be looking at how the pandemic has impacted on our lives, both in terms our physical health and Blood clots, and how we’ve learned to embrace the positive impacts of Outdoor Living on our mental health.

And despite the pandemic dominating all the headlines for the last year, our response and action on tackling Climate Change continues to demand action. We’ll highlight the impact of climate change on more severe and frequent storm surges and coastal erosion; investigating how these Geohazards are affecting our local communities and what we can do to protect our coastline from them. We’ll also be looking at the important role of ventilation on our health and how Healthy Homes can also help to reduce our greenhouse emissions.

Filming from July – October, the series will air on RTÉ One in November and December 2021.

Produced with the grateful support of EPA, Geological Survey Ireland, HEA, Irish Research Council, RTÉ, SEAI and Teagasc.

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