New Series Starts Mon 9th Nov 2020!

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We’re excited to announce that the new series of 10 Things to Know About starts on RTÉ One on Monday 9th November!

2002 been a challenging year for all of us, but never before has science and science communication been so prominent and vital in our everyday lives.  Once again, we’re delighted to be able to feature a wonderful group of people around the country who are incredibly passionate about their important research projects.

In 10 Things to Know About Light, Jonathan takes to waters of Lough Hyne to investigate the stunning bioluminescence of the natural world and Kathriona finds out how the power of light is driving new medical technologies.

In 10 Things to Know About Biodiversity, Kathriona meets the researchers recording changes in nature through modern technologies to monitor changes in our environment, Jonathan looks at the critical role of our bumblebees, and Aoibhinn reveal how centuries-old plant samples can provide clues to changes in our biodiversity.

In 10 Things to Know About Taste, Aoibhinn investigates food sensory perception… Kathriona sniffs out the science of taste… and Jonathan is in Waterford to uncover the hidden secrets of terroir in Irish whiskey!

In 10 Things to Know About Flooding & Drought, Kathriona meets the researchers unlocking the mysteries of Ireland’s vanishing lakes, Aoibhinn reveals how our past may provide clues to help us better manage drought… and Jonathan considers a future of climate extremes, where protection of and resilience in our groundwater resources will be even more essential…

In 10 Things to Know About Hydrogen, Kathriona investigates how aligning wind energy with hydrogen production could be key to decarbonising our transport and heating sectors. Aoibhinn meets the scientists who are developing new materials and technologies that could split water to produce emission-free ‘green’ hydrogen, and Jonathan checks out the first Irish trials of hydrogen-powered buses!

And finally, 2020 will go down in history for one unprecedented global event… the coronavirus pandemic.  In 10 Things to Know About Viruses, we meet the Irish researchers playing a key role in the fightback against Covid-19. Kathriona meets the researchers who are working to track the spread of the disease and identify genetic changes that may impact on treatments and vaccine development.  Jonathan highlights how Ireland’s world-leading TILDA study is ideally positioned to examine and better understand the impact of the pandemic and lockdown measures on older people.  And of course, despite the current negative associations, not all viruses are bad! Kathriona investigates the most abundant and deadly viruses on the planet… and how they’re being used to tackle infection and harmful bacteria in food processes.

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