New series starts Monday 11th Nov 2019!!

The new series of @10Things_ToKnow starts next week, on Monday 11th November on @RTEOne!

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In Episode One we check out Offshore Wind which is destined to become the next big thing in our strive towards a cleaner, greener future.  With innovative floating ocean platforms and cheaper technologies, we investigate why it’s time for Ireland to go big and tap into the huge ocean energy resource on our very doorstep!  In Cork, we meet Val Cummins and Jimmy Murphy to investigate the latest Irish research into floating platform technologies, and in Portugal, we meet the engineers working on the WindFloat Atlantic project, a major milestone in the renewable energy sector which will see the largest turbine ever to be installed on a floating platform!

In Episode Two we investigate the challenges presented by the global Obesity epidemic.  61% of adults in Ireland are currently overweight or obese and almost a third of Irish children are now overweight, and we meet patient advocate Susie Birney who reveals the challenges of living with obesity.  The links between obesity and diseases such as cancer and diabetes are well known, but we meet the researchers who are increasingly interested in the important role of our immune system – and our Natural Killer cells – in maintaining a healthy body weight.

They’re in everything from your phone to your shower, and from your toothpaste to cream to soothe your baby’s bum!  Metals that are extracted from the ground underpin every aspect of lives and Ireland is internationally renowned as a resource of metals and minerals.  In Episode Three, we dig into the geology of what’s here and why, and find out about the technology and techniques used to locate and safely extract them from the ground.

The World Health Organisation describes Air Pollution as the world’s single biggest environmental health risk and the right to fresh air is something none of us can take for granted.  Poor air quality kills more than 1500 people in Ireland every year and has a serious impact on our environment and ecology. In Episode Four we ask just what are the dangers in a gulp of air, and meet the scientists who are looking to tackle the issue head on…

Vaccinations are known to save millions of lives every year – yet there is an increasingly worrying trend around the world to mistrust them and refuse vaccination.  In Episode Five we look at the history of vaccines and some of the reasons leading to vaccine hesitancy, we find out why a virus most associated with causing Cervical cancer is also connected to an increasing number of HPV-Driven Head and Neck Cancers, and with the HPV vaccine programme being expanded to boys in 2019, we meet Kevin Brennan – brother of the late advocate Laura Brennan – to highlight the importance of the HPV vaccine   We’ll also look at the latest research in vaccine development for people with compromised immune systems, such as those with HIV, people receiving chemotherapy for cancer, or undergoing organ transplantation.


Date and Time                                                             Episode

RTE One, 8.30pm, Monday 11th November                 OFFSHORE WIND

RTE One, 8.30pm, Monday 18th November                OBESITY

RTE One, 8.30pm, Monday 25th November                METALS

RTE One, 8.30pm, Monday 2nd December                  AIR

RTE One, 8.30pm, Monday 9th December                  VACCINES


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