New series starts Monday 12th November, 8.30pm on RTE One!

Aoibhinn, Kat and Jon - 3 Pics
From the microbes in our soil and cells of the human body, to exploring the furthest reaches of outer space and the secrets of our deepest oceans… we continue to celebrate Irish science.

Aoibhinn, Kathriona and Jonathan are back to investigate the latest developments in Irish scientific research and reveal the work that will impact on all our lives.  Highlights include: exploring historical shipwrecks located along of coastline; investigating promising new cancer treatments; the project that will put Ireland’s first satellite into space; a project that aims to identify biomarkers for dementia; world-first wastewater-to-energy technology and satellite driven tractors!

Perennial favourite, Dr Fergus McAuliffe, returns with his weekly Weird Science segment showcasing some of the more bizarre aspects of current research – from lost nuclear submarines on the seabed to the unusual phenomenon of geophagy – the desire to eat soil!

New series starts Monday 12th November, 8.30pm on RTE One


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