Series 7 starts Monday 1st November 2021 on RTÉ One!

Seaweed - Kate Schoenrock and Kathriona 3Delighted to announce that Series 7 of “10 Things to Know About…” starts on RTÉ One on Monday 1st Nov 2021!

As we embrace a more outdoor-focused life, we look at the impacts of Outdoor Living on our physical and mental health and also the health of the environment around us.

We meet the researchers investigating the effects of Covid-19 on our Blood and discuss the latest developments that seek to better understand the causes and impacts of Long Covid which is estimated to affect around 80,000 Irish people.

We take a deep dive with scientists in Connemara to reveal how managing and protecting the health and biodiversity of our beautiful Seaweed forests could help align with a potential game changer for the farming industry and our emissions targets.

We highlight the impacts of climate change-related Geohazards on our coastline and reveal how research and increased understanding of the geology of these areas can help to protect local communities from them.

We look at the important role of ventilation on our health and how Healthy Homes can also help to reduce our greenhouse emissions.

And we meet the researchers exploring the complexities of Gut Health, investigating how hormones could be used to manipulate our feelings of hunger and fullness, and meeting a group of Irish people who are managing a debilitating illness with “magic poo bread”!

And at long last, we’re releasing Fergus McAuliffe into the wild in as he presents his new segment of historical tales with an intriguing science twist…

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Produced with the grateful support of EPA, Geological Survey Ireland, HEA, Irish Research Council, RTÉ, SEAI and Teagasc.

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