Series 8 starts Monday 14th November 2022 on RTÉ One!

Delighted to announce that series 8 of “10 Things to Know About…” starts on RTÉ One, at 8.30pm, from Monday 14th November 2022!

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We investigate the good and bad of the world of Insects. With their high protein content and carbon friendly breeding methods, could edible insects be a way for us to feed future generations with a healthy and planet friendly diet? And as virus-carrying grain aphids can reduce a crop’s yield by as much as 80%, we meet the researchers who are collecting and analysing these creatures to better understand how to help farmers combat the virus while limiting the use of insecticides.

We meet the Sports Science researchers seeking to help athletes maximise their performance whilst minimising the risk of injury, and find about new biomaterials that are being developed to offer next generation treatments for dreaded ACL injuries which are becoming increasingly common in sport.

As we strive towards a more sustainable society, we’re rediscovering the immense versatility and benefits of Hemp. We meet researchers studying different varieties in the hopes of understanding which are best to grow for specific products and visit the people advocating it as a source of high protein and using ‘hempcrete’ as a sustainable alternative to concrete to build homes!

What if, what we’re throwing away as “waste”, is not just salvageable, but rich in resources? We meet the scientists developing technologies to recycle nutrients in wastewater from dairy farms,  and see how slurry and food waste can be transformed into green, renewable energy. And as our insatiable desire for technology pushes demand for rare earth minerals, we examine projects that seek to reclaim precious metals from disused electrical items such as TVs and mobile phones, and we look back to Ireland’s rich mining past to investigate whether materials taken out of the ground centuries ago could contain traces of valuable minerals to help us create a more Circular Economy.

With energy prices soaring, we explore developments in district Heating systems that could help to decarbonise our energy systems and reduce energy costs. And we investigate the geology of geothermal energy, and discuss how heat from the Earth could form a crucial part of Ireland’s supply and demand heating network.

Finally, we meet researchers across the west coast of Ireland who are collaborating to improve access to Mental Health services for adolescents in rural and marginalised communities. We’ll also meet the Irish researchers studying zebrafish to explore whether the microbiome can affect hormones like oxytocin and identify mechanisms which could lead to better understanding and management of mental health illness.

Produced with the grateful support of EPA, Geological Survey Ireland, HEA, Irish Research Council, RTÉ, SEAI and Teagasc

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